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This details how to install the SharePoint Ad Rotator on SharePoint 2007. The steps for installing on SharePoint 2010 should be similar.


This tutorial assumes the following:
  • You have downloaded SectorPoint.Products.AdRotator.wsp file to C:\WSP\
  • Your target Web Application is http://contoso

Step 1

Download the WSP file from the latest release. You can download it to any server in your farm where you have access to execute STSADM.

Step 2

Open up a command prompt window, and run the following commands:

stsadm -o addsolution -filename C:\WSP\SectorPoint.Products.AdRotator.wsp
stsadm -o deploysolution -name SectorPoint.Products.AdRotator.wsp -allowCas -local -url http://contoso

Note: If you are installing to a multi-server farm, use the option -immediate instead of -local. If you want to deploy the solution to all Web Applications in your farm use the option -allcontenturls instead of -url.

Step 3

Open up your browser and login to your SharePoint site (in this example: http://contoso). Click on Site Actions -> Site Settings (alternatively: Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify all site settings).
Click on the Site collection features link
Locate the Ad Rotator Web Part feature, and click the Activate button.

The Ad Library list template will now be available, and you will be able to add the Ad Rotator Web Part to any pages in the site collection.

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